Alopecia and the Test of Hair Substitution For Ladies

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“The cover book cannot be evaluated.”

“Beauty to the skin.”

“Beauty is in the eyes of the viewer.”

These few sayings are as rooted in our toupee society as we are thinking about what “beauty” is. As women, whether we like it or not, we appreciate our appearance. Famous magazines have always shown the ideal beauty from supermarket shelves: movie stars with the front of perfect skin, perfect body, perfect hair (usually airbrushes, photo clippings, hair extensions) ..

You don’t have to catch up with it, and most of us understand what makes us beautiful inside. But when a real woman unexpectedly loses her hair, either because of a medical crisis or simply because her hair has begun to fall out, the limits of what we accept begin to change. Hair transplant specialists understand that this hair loss can really change our own feelings. Our hair is the only one that really identifies us as a woman. Hair makes us feel feminine. Wear it, hide it behind, replace it, and use it as an accessory. We are often very attached to hair, which has defined our beauty. This is why hair loss is a very destructive self-image. According to hair transplant specialists, women experiencing hair loss today have many options. Wigs, hair extensions and hair systems can solve this problem temporarily or permanently.
So what can cause hair loss in women?
o Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the main causes of temporary hair loss.
o Alopecia arcana caused by medical factors such as stress, yeast infections, diabetes, hormonal changes, medications, or excessive hair loss. o Traction alopecia: Caused by hairstyles such as corn, pigtails, and braids that unnecessarily strain the hair. Scars caused by stress or the use of harsh chemicals can cause permanent hair loss.
o Nervous pulling can cause hair loss.
Once upon a time we had about 100,000 hairs on our heads. We waste about 100 every day. Usually the new one grows right behind him. However, any of the above factors can hinder hair growth and cause more hair to fall out than need to be replaced. When a woman loses her hair, it’s very different from the androgenetic alopecia we see every day. Women either lose their hair due to blemishes or become thinner overall. Previously, wigs were the only solution for flocking. However, hair transplant specialists are constantly developing new and superior hair systems and hair extensions that are more breathable and easier to wear than traditional wigs. There is also a new hair system that allows the rest of a woman’s hair to pass through the hair system and give it volume. Hair extensions now include removable cuts for those who are not interested in the adhesives used in hair systems.